Dropr Support Camp

What is Dropr?

Dropr is the easier, simpler and faster way to manage portfolios and connect with creatives. 

We aim to create the portfolio of the future for all creatives. We think sharing finished work still takes too much time and effort and so it's often put off for later - while sharing stuff as soon as it's finished is very important these days. We basically want to give a creative person a package which will let them market themselves online in a minimum amount of time and money and maximum element of fun.


Benefits, in short:

- Dropr is a lot easier and quicker to create and update than any other portfolio platform

- Dropr works on every device (much needed today)

- We made sharing in social media very easy

- You can have multiple portfolio sites and portfolios can have multiple editors

- Dropr supports the biggest amount of media ever, including image, video, audio, 3D, PDF, text, interactive art, fonts and more!

- Dropr suggests your content to other people around the world based on your computed profile (see STRAW )

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