Dropr Support Camp

Get Started!

To create your first portfolio, just come to the homepage and:

Click your portfolio’s round thumbnail on top of the screen two times

Inside the portfolio click the red “Edit” button in top-right corner

In editor, edit content inside the page and all settings in top-right corner.


Edit content

To add your first project, simply click the large green “Add a project” button

Either import, upload or drag your file into the project

Name your project and add description

You can drag pieces to sort them and change project settings in top-right corner

Once done, click “Publish” switch in top-right corner and click “Done”


Edit settings

To edit settings for portfolio or project, click the red Settings icon in top-right corner.

All settings are in just one simple pane for simplicity.


After playing with the content and settings you should end up with a mighty looking site in no times. Try all options to fine tune details :)


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