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Simple Art Sales - How do I buy and sell?

How do I buy?


It’s a pretty easy two step process.


Note: All sales are currently in $USD.


Step 1 - Choose your project


Just click on a project you like that has a ‘Buy’ option available.


You can also search for a project on sale using the ‘Explore’ feature - Just click on ‘For sales only’ under Simple Art Sales, select the creative commons license you require and choose the project that you want from the search results.


Step 2 - Click on ‘Buy’ and fill your details


After you click on ‘Buy’, fill in your card details. You can either pay the amount specified by the artist or a higher amount if you wish to contribute more than the fixed price.


Once you’ve finished the payment process your file will be ready to download. You can either wait till the file is ready and download it straightaway or click on ‘Email me when ready’. In both cases, the link of your file will be mailed across to you on your email. Click on the link in your email to download the file anytime you want.


As easy as that!

How do I sell?


We’ve tied up with Gumroad to give you a safe and easy sales feature so if you are an existing user, simply connect your Gumroad account to Dropr connections. If you’re not, just follow the prompts when you set up sales and your account should be set up.


Note: All sales are currently in $USD.


Step 1 - Select your project


Select or add the project that you want to sell. You can either select a project you’ve already uploaded or create a new one specifically for sales.


Step 2 - Select your sales settings


Go to settings and turn on the the ‘For Sale’ option

Plug in Gumroad - If you’re not already a user, just click on this button anyway and follow the simple instructions to setup your account.


Use the editing options to set your price. The ‘Accept more than the asking price’ feature is active by default. You can click on it to turn it off.


You can set your price as low as $0 for a pay-as-you-want model or the next low of 99 cents or upto a maximum of $1000 (there is no limit however, on the amount that a buyer can pay on choosing to pay more than the asking price of a project). Please note that values between 0.01 to 0.98 cents will not be accepted.


You can also click on ‘limited edition’ and set the number of downloads for a particular project.


Lastly, you can set a Creative Commons license for your project to define how the buyers are allowed to use your project.

Step 3 - Publish your project


Publish your project.


Great! Now you’re all set up for selling.

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