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How can I reorder or resize project thumbnails?

In ‘Edit Portfolio’ mode you can simply drag and drop all thumbnails. You can move them around inside a section or move between sections.

You can also drag thumbnails from the bottom-right corner to resize them


If you’d like to crop or replace project thumbnail, simply click  ‘Edit thumbnail’ option.
Click on ‘Custom’ if you wish to upload your custom thumbnail. Click on ‘Piece’ to resize and crop the image selected from within the project.


You can open the project and click the square icon on top of any piece to set it as the thumbnail too.


 If the results end up looking messy, or you want to update the entire layout of your portfolio, click ‘Settings’ in top-right corner and then  ‘Cleanup thumbs’ for pre-selected thumbnail layouts.



To choose where the labels for Thumbnails appear on your portfolio click on ‘Edit Portfolio’ then click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right.

Select ‘Thumbs Label’ for the label to appear either on the cover, bottom or outside the thumbnail.



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